A picture of one of Amsterdam's Canals with the title of the blog post overlaying it: "Catching a cold in Amsterda."

Catching a Cold in Amsterdam

One of the worst things that can happen when you travel is getting sick. Normally, I’m pretty good at packing different types of medicine (I’m lactose intolerant so I try to be prepared for everything). I was not prepared during my last trip to Ireland/The Netherlands. I was not prepared at all. Continue reading “Catching a Cold in Amsterdam”


Sitting at the Edge of the World: Inis Mór, Ireland

The last time two times I visited Galway, Ireland I did the Cliffs of Moher thing, and while it was one of the better tours I’ve ever done, this time I wanted to do something different. That different ended up being a day trip on January 2, 2017 to the largest of the three Aran Island, Inis Mór. Continue reading “Sitting at the Edge of the World: Inis Mór, Ireland”

Ireland Then and Now

Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and it got me bad.

A couple months ago I was going through my mom’s hard drive with all the family pictures on it, and stumbled across a folder full of scanned pictures taken of my maternal grandparents– from about the 1950’s to 2017. I also noticed a couple similarities between pictures they took in Ireland when they lived there/visited and the ones I took the last few times I was in Ireland. I thought I’d share those with the internet, since we all seem to love this sort of thing. I love Ireland, and having physical proof that we’ve all stood in the same places is kind of amazing. So, enjoy these pictures and make sure to call your grandparents today. Continue reading “Ireland Then and Now”

The Five Stages of Grief After Studying Abroad.

There’s nothing more sobering than returning to reality after living in a different part of the world. Especially if your reality is anything like the dry, desolate, city of Lubbock, Texas. Listed below are the five stages of grief college students go through after returning from a semester abroad. Continue reading “The Five Stages of Grief After Studying Abroad.”