Travel Essays to Read Before Your Next Trip

Traveling is an art form. It can be impossible to perfect, but it helps to read about other people’s experiences, and mistakes, before you leave. That way you can laugh about all the mistakes you’ll make, and get to know the area of the world you’re traveling to a little more intimately. The following post is compiled of essays and books I’ve read, and think everyone should read before, or during, their next adventure. Continue reading “Travel Essays to Read Before Your Next Trip”

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: Is It Worth A Visit?

With a hefty parking and entrance fee, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is not for the cheap-minded individual. Just for myself the cost for parking was $15, and then entrance into the park itself was another $15. Add on any additional purchases (lunch/souvenir) and you’re looking at over $50 for one person. If you car pool then the cost doesn’t seem too steep, but for a single individual, it’s a bit much for a few hours at a garden.
Continue reading “Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: Is It Worth A Visit?”

Sitting at the Edge of the World: Inis Mór, Ireland

The last time two times I visited Galway, Ireland I did the Cliffs of Moher thing, and while it was one of the better tours I’ve ever done, this time I wanted to do something different. That different ended up being a day trip on January 2, 2017 to the largest of the three Aran Island, Inis Mór. Continue reading “Sitting at the Edge of the World: Inis Mór, Ireland”

My Favourite Travel Youtube Channels

What’s better than reading about travel? Watching travel videos on YouTube, of course! It’s free, and the quality of these videos is above and beyond anything I find on cable tv. The main reason I’m writing this post is because if you’re like me and love reading about other people’s travels, then watching videos by creative people on YouTube is right up your alley. Whether it be the U.S.A., China, South Africa, Japan, these videos have it all. Continue reading “My Favourite Travel Youtube Channels”